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TOi Robot® is the new children's therapy and learning system. Use wireless tools that include ultra-sensitive touch and motion sensors.

Smell Diffuser
Sensy Magic®
Sensy Magic®
Control tablet
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These are some of the benefits that TOi Robot® provides

TOi Robot® is the only multifunctional and portable tool in the world that provides documented benefits in:

Motivation and voluntary attention

TOi Robot®, with its childlike voice, playful activities and attractive appearance that captivates attention, achieves effective and fun therapy

Encourage participation

Its interactive system and various game modes stimulate the active participation of users, keeping them engaged and alert.

Motivates users to perform voluntary motor actions using the Sensy Magic® Cube and Sensy Magic® Seesaw. In addition, it supports sensory integration therapy, is adaptable and dosable to various disability conditions.



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Aroma Smell Difusser

Device that creates environments by dispersing therapeutic aromas with essential oils. 100% is safe and constitutes a great olfactory and relaxation stimulant either during or after therapy.

Sensy Magic® Cube

It works as an action control. It has touch sensors and is synchronized with the TOi Robot® LED lights giving the user visual and auditory feedback.

Sensy Magic® Rocker

It has motion and tilt sensors synchronized with the TOi ROBOT® light arms. Provides visual and auditory feedback depending on position and training modality.

Control tablet with TOi Robot® App

Intuitive 100% application controls TOi Robot® and peripherals. It allows you to adjust the light intensity, the sound, and choose the 11 interactive modalities for 200 therapy and learning activities. Includes patient files

TOi Robot®

TOi Robot® means Children's Occupational Therapy, this is the new concept that integrates intervention in multisensory stimulation, integration and learning.


TOi Robot® stimulates vision with its arms that function as light screens and integrate perfectly with its modalities and activities, creating a unique visual experience.


TOi Robot® has a special feature through the Sensy Magic® Cube that has integrated sensors that achieve tactile stimulation that can be dosed through the app.


TOi Robot speaks with a child's voice in Spanish, English and Portuguese through its built-in speakers, reproduces sounds and music, allowing fun two-way communication.


TOi Robot includes the Aroma Smell wearable device, a safe option that stimulates the sense of smell.

Creates an environment of calm and relaxation that favors the flow of effective therapy.


The Sensy Magic® Rocker incorporated with TOi Robot® is made up of precise balance and movement sensors, contributing to the stimulation of balance in the lower and upper extremities.


The combination of the Sensy Magic® Rocker, the movement of the lights on the TOi Robot® arms and the sound of the speakers translates into effective training and stimulation.

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